I know there have been screenshots and stuff online for a while, but today the public build of the demo finally passed QA and all that other good stuff and got put on the web! The demo is our most recent attempt at a photorealistic(-ish :)) character and it's a sequel to everyone's favorite scantily clad fairy (and company mascot) from the original Dawn demo from way back in 2002.

Stuff always ends up the cutting room floor and there's always stuff people want to tweak, but all in all I think final result turned out to be pretty cool. Hat's off to my teammate Zohir for awesome skin shader stuff. The facial animation in this was a beast and moving forward I'm definintiely going to enjoy not spending my nights trying to figure out why the hell our custom Maya exporter broke again 🙂

Anyway, enough filler text by me! You can download the demo here: http://www.geforce.com/games-applications/pc-applications/a-new-dawn