2 responses to “Incase you were wondering, the moon landings were not actually faked”

  1. Jarrah White

    NVIDIA’s recreation is a deception. When comparing their results with objects taken on surfaces with the same albedo as the moon, it is clear that they upped the albedo to around 40%. Otherwise the shaded side would have been black. And their claim that Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit offered fill light is laughable. The Apollo 12 footage shows Conrad’s suit barely able to throw light onto the ladder unless he’s standing right up to it – and that’s with the landscape overexposed – and the first pictures of Aldrin’s descent were allegedly taken with Armstrong in the LM shadow. Aldrin looks exactly the same as he does in the latter photos allegedly taken by Armstrong standing in sun.

    NVIDIA owes it to their 130,000+ subscribers to show them what the actual albedo settings were and to recreate this experiment in real life using asphalt as the lunar surface, because asphalt has the same albedo as the moon. If they can’t or won’t do that, then they should retract their video and replace it with an apology.