FaceWorks is on the Play Store

The FaceWorks Tegra K1 demo I worked on finally made it to the play store! If you have a K1 device give it a shot


Installs are pretty low still since you need an Android (sorry, no Jetsons) Tegra K1 device that supports OpenGL 4.4 non-ES and I think the only one out there so far is the XiaoMi MiPad. I hear China is apparently not so big on the Play Store.

Digital Ira

fxguide just posted a pretty extensive article about the state of the art in face rendering: "The Art of Digital Faces at ICT – Digital Emily to Digital Ira" and it has section about the NVIDIA Digital Ira/FaceWorks project I worked on.

We've actually made two different version of Digital Ira so far. The "super-duper" version that runs on a GTX Titan (which you can even download here if you happen to own one):

If you scroll down you might notice that I also did part of the Dawn demo that get's skewered at the beginning. <shrug> New and pretty becomes old and busted pretty fast with this stuff. 🙂

We also made a mobile version using the same data set, but with a simplified shading model. Mobile chips have come a long way since back in the day. Plus handwriting NEON assembly is fun.

It's not downloadable yet since there are no devices in the wild yet that could run it, but it went over pretty well at Siggraph so hopefully it makes it out there eventually.