More Demos

We've been busy at work!

NVIDIA just released the first video from one of things I've been working on and already it has 600k views on YouTube! Crazy!

It was cool to mix it up from the standard PC demos and I think made something pretty cool. (The videos have HD versions to if you fullscreen them)

Also, (not so recently but since I last updated my site 🙂 ) we released a few other demos:

An endless city build using the tessellation power of the GTX 580 and new multi-threading features in DX11

I'm really proud of this one since I wrote the L-system-based city generator with Steve our lead artist. There also was lot of cool stuff I worked on that got packed in there in terms of fancy metal shaders, volumetric lights that work in stereoscopic 3D, and multi-threaded path-finding for all the little flying dudes.

Also, we released "Alien vs. Triangles":

This one has a dynamically tessellating skinned character with dynamic transform that can grow and spread. I didn't do much on this one since I was mostly working on the city at the time, but I did make the toasty laser 🙂

It’s Shiny

If you just happen to have a GeForce GTX 480 (or two) lying around you should check out the new demo I worked on at NVIDIA: Supersonic Sled. I'll let the pitch page do most of the talking but it's got some crazy features like PhysX destruction, CUDA-accelerated debris and fluids, Tessellation shaders, and NVIDIA 3D Vision Stereo glasses support.

Make sure you both kill the dude and upload your replays either as high scores on the NVIDIA site or to YouTube using the built-in video recorder ('cause I wrote that part 🙂 )

It’s Happening Again!

Well, so much for regularly updating the new site. My excuse is that it's been a crazy summer. I moved to California, started work at Cryptic, and helped ship my first game: Champions Online

Champions Online

If you're itching to fight crime in colorful spandex I would recommend you check it out. (NOTE: itching may be due to spandex suit. Champions Online only soothes metaphorical itching. )

Also, I heard if you buy ten or more copies the game runs faster....just saying 🙂